Monday, April 30, 2007

The Bear

Here is the wool teddy bear that I knitted up in 3 days. I threw it into the washer 4 times and as you can see it didn't really get felted 100% but when I gave it to my daughter, she was pleased. So that is the most important thing. I will say that I won't be trying this again (knitting a project like this in 3 days....I am tired!!)

Socks for Marianne

The socks for my 8 year old are done as well. Notice how the socks are different? Weird but nice!
She likes them. I'm happy!

Socks for Rebecca

I finally finished the socks for my 10 year old. I like the way the yarn knitted up. She's happy with them.

Easter chicks

I was asked by my daughter's teacher to knit up something Easter related to sell at the school. The money raised will go into the class fund. The class fund was set up to help pay for expenses of the class for those whom couldn't pay their part. So I knitted up these chicks using 100% wool. It took me about an hour per chick. My husband finished them off by adding the red felted details and the black eyes. Three sold at $10 each.