Saturday, October 28, 2006

Secret Pal 9

to my secret pal: I have received your package today. WOWWY! I just love it. Thank you for your little note. I was unable to go to the sheep & wool festival but I hear it was so busy that it made it hectically crazy for some peope to walk around. This is what my secret pal sent me.


Today I have mailed out the final package to my secret sister. Also I mailed out my final package to my swap with the same person for a month partner. I hope they both are happy with what I have sent them over the last 4 weeks of these swaps.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Well after sending all swaps that I had signed up for, it's a bit sad to see that other swappers didn't take it as serious as others like me. I am still waiting on 9 swaps to arrive. If it continues to appear that swappers just want to receive and not send, I won't be signing up for anymore. I go way beyond the swap requirements, spend quite a bit of money on shipping these out, and I anxiously await mine. When I do get my swap, it's so nice to open it up. When I don't get my swap, it's heartbreaking. So I will have to wait & see what I will do.

secret sister swap

I have mailed out 3 packages so far to my secret sister. She lives in Alabama. 1 more package to be shipped too her. Then this will complete my secret sister swap responsibilities to my partner.
I have also received 3 packages as well. Thank you to my secret sister. It's been a fun swap.

swap with the same person for a month

well to update on this swap:
I have mailed out 3 seperate packages to the partner I was chosen to send too. She is from Missouri. I have received only 1 package from the person whom was to send too me. She is from the UK. So here's to more packages that I can expect. (I hope).

Secret Pal 9

My first package has gone out to my pal in England. I sent her......sssshhhhh it's a secret.
I will have to post photos once it's arrived to her. I will say though that what I sent her will keep her fingers busy.
UPDATE: Now that it has arrived, here is what I sent.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Secret Pal 9

I have my pal's info. She is from England. It's going to be rough finding things for people you don't know. I will send her 1 package a month (Nov.-Jan). She likes to knit socks so perhaps each month she will get a sock kit plus a few other small treats. International shipping sure can add up when you are involved with international swaps.

hot socks

hot socks
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Wow! What a wonderful treat from Lizette for the Hot Socks Swap.