Wednesday, October 22, 2008

baby hat

I knitted up very quickly this newborn hat for my grand daughter Hannah whom was born on August 6th. I used up some cotton sock yarn that I had leftover. I did a lace design throughout the hat. When I went down to visit, I put the hat on her. Well let's just say that it will fit for a week and that is it. Either the hat was way too small (tight knitter) or the babies head was bigger than a newborn sized head. Who knows? So it was nice while it lasted.

Look what we came across!

We came home late one evening to find this on our lantern. Look at the size of it. (husband's hand for comparison of size). Anyone know exactly what kind this is?

Secret Pal 13

Another round of secret pal is getting ready to start. I am so excited. I missed the last round because I missed the signup deadline. I can't wait to get started!