Friday, June 15, 2007


Well on June 19th, I will have ankle surgery and will be laid up for 8 weeks in a cast and crutches. I need some small knitting projects to keep me busy as I am unable to do anything during this time. If you want to help out and send me a small project, get in touch with me and I'll send you my address. My 2 daughters are upset about the news. This will take a toll on them as well. I have set up a food chain and playdates for the 1st two weeks after surgery but what happens after that is uncertain. My whole family lives 1.5 hours away, and none of them have offered any type of help. (I mean at least offer to make a few meals, freeze them, drive the 3 hours round trip to help me out). I drive to visit them all of the time. I have been in my home 18 years. My mom has never been to my house, my dad came once and when I told him no smoking in my house, he never came back. My sisters have been here twice. Pretty sad that you can't rely on family when you are in desperate times. I have never asked them for help until now, and I don't receive any positive reactions. What to do????


Criosa said...

quick healing vibes for the surgery.

that's tough with the family. it's similar for me - my sister doesn't drive and my mom's great at coming up with excuses. granted, it's a good 5 hr drive for them now, but it was the same when it was a 45min - 1 hr drive.

Nicole said...

I hope you are back on your feet soon.

"Schnauzermum" said...

I'll be praying for a quick and speedy recovery. I hope your small knit kit arrives today or tomorrow! I have a felted bag kit to put together if you'd like! :) (it's a new favorite project of mine). Let me know! Kris from the Monkey Swap :)
Would chocolate help, too? :) I can send you some!

Cassandra said...

Hi Kris, thanks for offering to send me something. Email me directly at and i can provide my address. Thank you so much. I would love anything you send.