Thursday, March 13, 2008

Longing for spring swap

Received my package yesterday. I took a photo of my package however I didn't get in the photo the incense, the lavender lip balm, a few pieces of organic chocolate & 2 tea bags of some nice organic tea.

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Kris said...

Looks like you got yourself an awesome package too! :) From the looks of it, everyone got pretty spoiled in that swap. Nothing wrong with that, though. Lol. And of coarse I would have to blog it. I try to blog about everything. I'm one of those blog weirdos like that. Lol. But yes, thank you very very much, I loved it all and I'll be sure to send you a message with pictures when I get around to making the hat. And I loved that you sent along the crochet pattern as well! Expecially since I've been tempted to get into it all the more lately. Hope you have a good week! :)